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Find Investment Properties Like A Pro! Finding an on or off market property has never been easier! By becoming a free member you will have access to every MLS listed investment property in addition to receiving off market properties directly in your inbox and via text message if you choose. Simply Use the form on this page to begin receiving investment properties.

The secret’s out: The MLS (multiple listings service) is a great tool for investors to reference in the event they are trying to find their next deal. If for nothing else, the sole purpose of the MLS is to find and identify properties for sale in a specific market.

However, The MLS is far from the only resource one can use to find and identify deals worth pursuing. The MLS isn’t the only option made available to investors, but rather a small piece in an otherwise extensive deal finding methodology.

Our team regularly sources properties that are not yet listed on the MLS as well and can represent you in an off market transaction. We take the stress out of identifying off market properties and getting them directly to you. Take advantage today by signing up to receive updates and becoming a FREE member on our website.

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